One of our hosted sites, Marshall County Minnesota, is building a collation of Obituaries.

from Nashville Funeral and Cremation
from Nashville Funeral and Cremation

This is an interesting idea, but it really isn’t the best way to do this job.

The USGenWeb Project has a range of archive efforts underway, including an Obituary Project. The Minnesota page of the obits project includes a Marshall county page, which includes links to a collection of obituary text files. Assuming this site has a good history of resilience and has a back-up plan/system in place, this is where the obituaries should be collected.

However, such archives should likely be made available via a standardized API allowing multi-modal CRUD. The Archives Project of USGenWeb is static.

So, until a better option is made available, Marshall County can (and should) continue to host these obituaries any way that works for that county.