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We run an instance of Piwik, the open-source web analytics tool, and we include the WP-Piwik plugin in our collection of available plugins.

What these tools, together, can do is give you some idea of the kinds of traffic visiting your site – where are visitors coming from, what pages are they looking at, how long are they staying on the site, and so on.

However, there are some limitations. GenWeb.Io does not support intrusive spying on visitors. Our instance of Piwiki honours Do Not Track headers. We also anonymize IPs, storing partial addresses.

Keep in mind that most genealogical websites have very low rates of traffic – on average each site hosted on GenWeb.Io has fewer than 100 hits per day after ignoring known spiders and bots. Still, it can be exciting to observe trends over time, and perhaps focus on topics which people are really using.