Upgrade breakage

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We are aware the WP-OSM plugin, which allows use of the OpenStreetMap for a range of applications on Genweb.io-hosted sites, is currently not working.

As with most softwares, WordPress plugins are constantly evolving, and most upgrades can be assumed to have passed basic environment testing for current stable releases of the WordPress publishing platform.

WP-OSM plugin, whose core developers are in Germany, recently chose to no longer maintain their changelog (which explains what was changed in a new release) on the WordPress store. The changelog file lists nothing which might have caused the plugin to become unresponsive. Discussions about this release in English do not cover the problems reported here, and we do not read German well enough to understand the issues raised on the WP-OSM forum.

But that does not change that, after upgrading to the latest release, 4.0.2, it is no longer possible to add article/page geotags.

We are researching other options for using OpenStreetMap, even though we understand this may be onerous for our CCs. We will keep you in the loop as we respond to this issue.