Updates take two

WordPress released a couple of quick changes, one to fix some things and one to fix something the earlier one broke.

WordPress broke a tiny little something that no one here would have noticed: the auto-updater routine. This is the tool which can be triggered by a push from WordPress when they release a fix, and allows our server to simply implement such updates without intervention. Now, since the auto-updater should have automagically installed the previous upgrade (4.9.3 for people taking notes) thus breaking itself, the site should be stuck on that version and never gotten 4.9.4 which was rushed out about a day later.

Luckily we work on a manual system, if slightly delayed. Our upgrade was from 4.9.2, and installed both 4.9.3 and 4.9.4, breaking then fixing things in one move. That’s efficiency!

Several other upgrades were also applied, and a couple of unused plugin updates are delayed.

As usual, if any site admins notice any issues, please contact us immediately. If you have needs/wants, do the same.