Downtime and upgrades

Yesterday sites were offline up to 4 hours as we migrated ISPs. Although the migration was planned, the ISP did not actually inform us of the time of migration until the actual time of migration, which resulted in poor communication with our users, for which we are sorry.

Hopefully the improved server responsiveness and bandwidth will assuage some of the regrettable annoyance this migration entailed.

Initial tests suggest a 5-10% reduction in latency, which could be attributed to a switch upgrade or the new ISP. We are now uncapped, and appear to be unthrottled up to 150Mbs, which should have some improvements for image-intensive and js-intensive sites/pages.

Software upgrades also occurred, with multiple WordPress updates. Some of these were not tested beforehand; please contact us if you see any anomalous behaviour.

Our Dynamic DNS scripts have not yet been updated. Hosted sites who this may affect have already been notified of the steps to take to address this, and we will be rolling out a more-permanent fix later today. availability has dropped back to 99.98%. We will regain 99.999% in early 2019, assuming no future outages.